Contech Nordic is a reseller of ELGi's complete product range.

In addition to this, we offer installation, service, and repair for all ELGi's products.

With more then six decades of expertise in air compressor manufacturing,

ELGi stands as a prominent global authority in delivering environmentally responsible compressed air solutions.

ELGi specializes in the conception and production of a comprehensive array of pioneering and cutting-edge compressed air solutions tailored to diverse industrial applications.

Throughout its extensive history, ELGi has garnered international recognition for its commitment to crafting customer-centric compressed air solutions that prioritize sustainability, enabling enterprises to attain their productivity objectives while reducing overall ownership costs.

- Up to ten years of warranty.

- Ranging from 2kW to 450kW.

- Oil-lubricated, oil free or water injected.

- Variety of filtration, air dryers and heat recovery systems.

 -Industry 4.0

Oil lubricated compressors

ELGi's selection of oil-lubricated rotary screw and reciprocating compressors is engineered to deliver optimum profitability while establishing an efficient compressed air system. These compressors integrate time-tested designs, advanced technological innovations, and meticulous manufacturing excellence to achieve this goal.

EG Series

The EG Series Screw Compressor by ELGi represents a significant advancement in design and performance. Every component within this oil-lubricated screw air compressor has been meticulously engineered for reliability and ease of maintenance. Featuring highly efficient airends with our proprietary eta-V profile rotors, ELGi's EG Series screw compressors adhere to rigorous international standards such as CE, ASME, UL, and more.

Available in three versatile variants, these air compressors are equipped with our patented eta-V profile rotors, ensuring exceptional energy efficiency. Furthermore, the ELGi EG Series Screw Compressors boast an industry-leading warranty program and demonstrate superior operating cost efficiency.

Within the 11-75kW range, the EG Series finds applications in a variety of sectors including automotive garages, textiles, electronics, engineering, and packaging. The 90-160kW and 200-250kW variants are well-suited for demanding industries such as automotive manufacturing, cement production, paper and pulp processing, and steel production, among others.

EN Series

Introducing ELGi's Electric Lubricated Screw Air Compressors, specifically the EN Series Screw Air Compressors, available in the range of 2.2-37 kW. ELGi's EN series screw air compressors are celebrated for their dependability, minimal maintenance demands, and compact design, rendering them the perfect choice for industrial applications where considerations of size, efficiency, and cost are paramount.

LD Series

Introducing the LD Series reciprocating air compressor by ELGi, available in the range of 2.2 – 11 kW, featuring a two-stage direct drive design.

ELGi's LD Series of oil-lubricated reciprocating air compressors are meticulously crafted to prioritize reliability, operate at low speeds, minimize direct costs, and deliver substantial energy savings. These compressors are an excellent choice for customers seeking an industrial air compressor that delivers a significant impact on power efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reduced noise levels, and suits applications with lower air demand.

ELGi's reciprocating air compressors are renowned for their reliability and incorporate a unique integrated and efficient 6-pole motor. They are particularly well-suited for small-scale industrial operations, such as automotive garages, metal and woodworking workshops, and similar applications.

Oil free compressors

ELGi's portfolio of oil-free air compressors ensures the delivery of Class 0 oil-free compressed air.

Our oil-free compressed air solutions are meticulously engineered to eliminate any potential risk of contamination while enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring long-term reliability. These attributes make them ideally suited to cater to the exacting demands of various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and textiles. In these sectors, where even the slightest chance of oil contamination in production processes is unacceptable, ELGi's oil-free compressors provide a trusted solution

OF Series

Oil-free air compressors operate by drawing in external air through the controlled unloader valve, managed by the integrated control system. When the valve is open, the compressor actively pumps air. Oil-free screw air compressors offer distinct advantages, including cost-effectiveness, reduced weight, and equivalent airflow (CFM) and pressure (psi) output compared to many oil-lubricated models.

ELGi's range of oil-free air compressors stands as a hallmark of 100% oil-free compressed air solutions. These oil-free screw air compressors feature pre-coated rotors, meticulously engineered to ensure complete freedom from contamination and enhanced energy efficiency.

Furthermore, our oil-free compressors deliver unwavering reliability over the long term, catering to the exacting requirements of diverse industries that demand absolute contamination control. Sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, automotive, and textiles rely extensively on oil-free air compressors to sustain their critical operations.

ELGi's Electric Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor, available in the 45–450 kW range, sets ELGi apart as one of the select air compressor manufacturers to design and produce its own oil-free airend in-house. Within our oil-free compressor range, we deliver Class Zero oil-free air, renowned for its exceptional energy efficiency, unmatched reliability, and highly competitive operating costs, all complemented by an industry-leading warranty.

AB Series

Presenting ELGi's Electric Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors from the AB Series,

a testament to our distinction as one of the select air compressor companies dedicated to designing and manufacturing airends for oil-free compressor technology. The new AB series of air compressors revolutionize the industry by delivering unmatched benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, and air quality, ultimately resulting in a reduced life cycle cost and maximized uptime.

Furthermore, our Class-"0" certified, high-quality air output renders these compressors especially well-suited for critical applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, where the presence of oil vapor and moisture is strictly intolerable


ELGi provides an extensive array of pneumatic accessories designed to ensure compliance with application-specific air quality standards according to ISO 8573. ELGi offers a suite of downstream solutions for compressed air treatment and condensate management known as AIRMATE, as well as energy conservation systems categorized under ELGi CONSERVE.

Contech Nordic is in close co-operation with the Nordic ELGi sales representative ELGi Compressors Nordics.

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